About Us

Protect Yo Energy is not just a brand it is a movement dedicated to empowering and changing mindsets globally. The foundation of this movement is energy. The power of every human being understanding that energy is our life force and that it is highly important, is key in our natural transition from it breaking generational curses, beating mental health issues and removing fear completely; allowing healing for ourselves and our families to shift energies for generations to come. 

Protect Yo Energy specifically spreads awareness on the importance of Energy. Life can already be hard to navigate. Removing people, places and things that no longer serve you or your higher purpose make life so much easier to navigate. We will not stop until every human understands the mantra! 

Author, Spiritual Coach and Artist- KD Supreme, global shifter in the making. Spreading awareness to every human to Protect Yo Energy! When you change your mindset, you not only change your life but everyone else’s around you.